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New Pricing Structure for Wing Chun Kung Fu Lessons at Ipswich Buddhist Centre

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

Please read this post for the new pricing details for Evergreen Hall Self-Defence Limited's Wing Chun Kung Fu classes at the Buddhist Centre in Ipswich.

As of 1 April 2018, Wing Chun Kung Fu students at the Ipswich Buddhist Centre will be able to pay for lessons by one of the two following options:

Monthly Plan* - £25 by standing order each calendar month (Evergreen Hall Self Defence Limited sort code 20-19-97; account number 53994058). This is equivalent to £7.14 per lesson based on 42 lessons per year.
PAYG (Three Lessons) - £30 for three lessons, (equivalent to £10 per session) either in cash or by bank transfer (Evergreen Hall Self Defence Limited sort code 20-19-97; account number 53994058).

Other than the costs of the lessons and gradings, there are no additional fees. Branded t-shirts and jumpers are available for purchase, but these are not required to be worn for the lesson.

*Terms and Conditions for Monthly Plan. 1. Payment is to be made each month, regardless of the number of lessons being held in that particular month. 2. Payment is to be received by the first day of the month, and is non-refundable. If payment is not received on the first day of the month, the PAYG option remains available. 3. No notice is required to end the Monthly Plan, as no contract is to be signed.

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