Evergreen Hall Wing Chun Lineage

There are numerous variations of Wing Chun around the world.  While many look similar - and have the same names for blocks and strikes - the principles can differ.  For those new to the art, this can be confusing.  Understanding the lineage of an art (and its associated tactics) is consequently important in determining what is complementary and what is contradictory, both to what students hope to gain from an art, and what they are practicing.


The Wing Chun style taught at Evergreen Hall primarily originates from Grandmaster Ip Man (or “Yip Man”), and his direct disciple, Grandmaster William Cheung.

Grandmaster William Cheung taught Master Derek Jones (who was previously taught by Grandmaster Victor Kan, also a direct disciple of Grandmaster Ip Man).  Master Derek Jones in turn taught Masters Frank Roach and Mark Clark.

Matt Robbins gained his Master’s grade from Masters Frank Roach and Mark Clark of the European Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association in 2011.  In the same year, Matt was awarded his Level 10 Instructor's Grade from Grandmaster William Cheung's Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.  Matt is therefore a third generation disciple of Grandmaster Ip Man.
Martial arts are constantly evolving, however: the threat posed in today’s society is very different to the threat practitioners faced when Wing Chun was first created.  In 2013, Master Matt began to re-imagine the grading syllabus of his style of Wing Chun Kung Fu, aligning all of the techniques and drills to the principles most relevant to direct street application; his vision was that students should learn to physically defend themselves with Wing Chun techniques in as short a time as possible.  Matt paid particular attention to the changing picture of martial arts in the West, namely freestyle and amalgamated systems, such as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).

The Wing Chun taught at Evergreen Hall is consequently being continually refined.  It incorporates influences from other styles of Wing Chun (such as Grandmaster Wong Shun Leung’s lineage), as well as self-defence applications, and techniques and tactics from other martial arts (principally BJJ and Master Derek Jones’ Body, Mind and Spirit system).


Evergreen Hall is proud to be an independent company; it is not affiliated to any other Wing Chun Kung Fu organisation or association. The unique system of Wing Chun Kung Fu taught by the company is therefore not available at any other club.

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