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Evergreen Hall Self-Defence Limited is run by Chief Instructor and Director, Master Matt Robbins.


The company additionally has two Instructors - Kevin Choo and Wojciech Jaworowski - and six Assistant Instructors: Sam Davis, Anthony Archer, Jason Dowsing, David Mee, Jonathan Allison and Andrew Baker.

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Matt Robbins

Chief Instructor and Director

Master Matt Robbins began studying Wing Chun Kung Fu in 1997; he began to teach the art in 1999.  In 2011, Matt attained his Master's Grade from the European Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association, and his Level 10 Instructor's Grade from Grandmaster William Cheung's Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.

In 2013, Matt re-imagined the grading syllabus of his style of Wing Chun Kung Fu, aligning all of the techniques and drills to the principles most relevant to direct street application.  Matt’s vision was that practitioners need to control their opponent above all else; they then have the option to deliver the most appropriate counter attack.

In 2018, Matt founded Evergreen Hall Self-Defence Limited in order to expand his focus to delivering self-defence tuition to private individuals and frontline professionals.  Matt also continues to refine his unique system of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Matt is a Level 3 Self-Defence Trainer, and a law graduate with 15 years public sector management experience in: statistical and qualitative analysis, and Criminal Justice.  Matt is further a Qualified Assessor of Vocational Achievement.  He has certificates in First-Aid and Health and Safety (iOSH), and is currently training in Mindfulness to supplement all aspects of his tuition. 

Kevin Choo


Kevin began studying Wing Chun Kung Fu in 2009 under Master Matt Robbins, having been drawn to an art which emphasises skill and effective technique to control an opponent.


When Master Matt Robbins began to teach his own Wing Chun Kung Fu syllabus in 2013, Kevin continued his training, and became a private student of Master Matt.  Kevin found that Evergreen Hall bridged the gap between training and fighting in a congruent way; Kevin further found that de-escalation, self-defence tactics and mental attitude also require regular attention, and that Evergreen Hall was able to provide such an holistic approach to conflict.

In 2018, Kevin was the first student to be awarded the rank of Assistant Instructor at Evergreen Hall.


As well as Wing Chun, Kevin is a fitness enthusiast, and has a keen interest in health and nutrition.

Anthony Archer

Assistant Instructor

Anthony began studying Wing Chun Kung Fu in 2004 with the European Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association (ETWCKFA).  For five years during this time, Anthony taught a lesson one evening a week for students of all ages and abilities.

When Anthony moved to Ipswich, he continued his training with Master Matt Robbins, who he already knew from the ETWCKFA.  In 2017, Anthony was awarded the rank of Assistant Instructor at Evergreen Hall.

Anthony is a High School Teacher.  He is also a passionate traveller, and found that Wing Chun has given him the confidence and self-belief to be able to visit counties all over the world solo.

Sam Davis

Assistant Instructor

Sam began studying Wing Chun Kung Fu in 2005 after he was accosted and intimidated by a much bigger person in a pub car park. Sam vowed never to let that happen again so decided to learn a martial art that would equip him with the skills required to defend himself in similar situations.

In 2013, when Evergreen Hall was established, Sam continued his training under Master Matt Robbins, as he found the reimagined system to be fast, direct and effective, and taught in a lively and friendly manner.

Sam enjoys helping other students develop their skills, and has taken several lessons in the absence of Master Matt. In 2018, Sam was awarded the rank of Assistant Instructor at Evergreen Hall.


Aside from Wing Chun, Sam is also interested in sport, gardening, boating and countryside pursuits.

Jason Dowsing

Assistant Instructor

Jason began studying Wing Chun under Master Matt Robbins in 2011. In 2018, Jason attained the rank of Assistant Instructor at Evergreen Hall.

In addition to his Wing Chun training, Jason has practised Jiu Jitsu for the last 16 years, and is currently a 4th dan black belt. Jason has further trained in kickboxing for the past two years.